Why I chose to share my words

Why I chose to share my words

February 2020.  2 months without my Dad on this earth.  8 months without my Grandma Fellure on this earth.  19 months without my Uncle Steve on this earth.  1 month before the pandemic began.  

The unexpected grief I had been experiencing led me to share my words with others.  It was partly for me to navigate this world, and partly because I knew that as I learned on this path, I could connect and help others. After writing my first post, I gained the courage to share it in March 2020.  Would my words be well received?  What if no one reads it?  What if no one likes it?  What if they do?

Then, I realized that it didn’t matter.  Those who resonate with my words will find them.  And if my journey of finding beauty in the unknown could help at least one person, it would be worth taking the time to write and share my words.  And the amazing thing is, I have received comments and messages letting me know that my words have inspired or helped others.

I have found truth and passion as I have connected with my intuition.  This is what keeps me going.  I recently found something that I had written when I was 8 years old.  I saw that the 8 year old in me wanted to be a writer and a teacher when she grew up.  Maybe the path has been winding and uncertain, but when I read those words, I knew they were still my truth.  Writing is where I feel the most alive, and I love the idea that my words can have a positive impact on others.  

So, I will keep writing. I will share my words with the world, even if I don’t know who will read them or how they will be received.  I will do this for me, and for you.  I will do this to share my truth and offer connection.  If you think that my words can inspire or help someone else, please share them.  I so appreciate you for being here on this journey.

Our words live on

Our words live on

Isn’t it wonderful to know that you can leave someone feeling more uplifted and loved with your words?  Our words live on.  Good and bad.  All that we write to others is documented (especially now), a reminder of a different space and time. They may even become someone’s inner conversations.  What are you saying with your words?

I am lucky enough to have received an email in November 2018 from my Dad.  One that he sent to my sisters and me, recapping his memories with us.  Even though there were bad times that he acknowledged, he remembered the good in his life.  He thanked us for being a part of his life, and let us know that he had a wonderful life with us in it.  My mom and him didn’t receive a lot of “I love you’s” growing up, but in his email, he made sure that we knew that we were loved.

I just printed out the email, and know that this will be something that is so important to be passed along in our family, to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  My Dad didn’t have to take the time to reflect on this life and express it to us, but I am so glad that he did. Many people will leave this world with words left unsaid, but each of us has the opportunity now to connect with those in our life and express our feelings.  It’s easy to leave a few comments on social media, but really connecting with others takes more time and energy. 

 I was lucky enough to write my Dad a letter a few months before he passed away to express my love and gratitude. I had no clue what the next few months would bring when I wrote it. It was something that took a bit of effort, but I felt like it was important to write.  And now that he’s in heaven, I am so grateful that he read those words that he told me meant the world to him.  Had he or I have not written those words, we would have still known, but it’s nice to know for sure and have his email to reflect back on when I need a reminder.

Our words live on.  They are precious, and life is precious. Your words can have a positive or negative impact.  We can all use this reminder. Is there someone that you’d like to tell how much you love and appreciate them?  Why not take a moment to write that letter or send that email? It could make a world of difference in their life, and for generations to come.