Giving Ourselves Grace

We all have those moments that we wish we could take back.  Maybe you are not feeling quite yourself, and your frustration comes across to your loved ones or even a stranger.  Maybe it’s a word that can’t be taken back, or maybe it’s a look on your face. Once you retreat, you feel terrible.  Why did you act that way? How can you make it better? 

It’s easy to blame it on the weather or the lack of sleep you got last night.  But, what was the real reason? If we take the time to reflect, we can usually find it.  Once we are aware of our emotions, we have the choice to feel bad about ourselves or to take responsibility and forgive ourselves.  Often times, our one moment of weakness is something that we continue to replay in our minds, only making ourselves feel worse. But there are other options.  What if we treat ourselves like our best friend would, and give ourselves grace? What if we allow ourselves to forgive ourselves instead of magnifying our flaws? What if we take a moment to journal and give ourselves the space to figure out what is really happening?

As human beings, we are experiencing a whole range of emotions and thoughts, while trying to appear like we have it all together.  We are rewarded for our accomplishments, and time spent renewing our spirits can be put on the back burner. But, if we don’t take time for ourselves, no one else will.  So, the next time you aren’t feeling as good as you would like to, take a few moments to breathe, check in, and give yourself grace.

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