Sound decisions come in the silence

Beauty in the Unknown

Written by Tracey Lemming, Photo by David Besh from Pexels

I used to have a habit of overthinking things when it was time to make a decision, big or small. And sometimes I still do! I’d make lists, research, and talk to loved ones about what they would do. I’d look outside myself for some sort of validation. Sitting on the fence for too long can definitely be worse than making a decision, and adjusting if need be. I didn’t want to make the “wrong decision.” The question is, is there ever really a wrong decision?

Sometimes we wish that things had gone a different way, but most of the time, we learn and grow. We pivot, and take knowledge with us to make a better decision next time or help someone else with a new perspective along the way. We can sulk about the past and what we should…

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