Connection to the Truth

By Tracey Lemming

I began to wonder about the gaps in my writing.  Had I stopped?  No, I started writing just for me.  Stories of beauty.  Stories of faith.  Stories of Love.  During the last month, my blog posts stopped, but my connection to the truth became strong.  I am loved beyond belief.  And so are you.   Each moment is a blessing, and noticing this only happens when you are present.  The landscape of our world has been filled with much anxiety, but I feel a shift towards more peace and love.  I feel the release of worries and fears.  I am connected to the truth, and so are you.  We don’t need anyone else to tell us what is true for us.  We don’t need to defend it or explain it.  Your truth may not be my truth, and that is okay.   We don’t have to see eye to eye, but we must be willing to lead with love.   Imagine if we always gave someone else the benefit of the doubt.  Imagine if we didn’t create a negative story, but instead showed love and compassion, knowing that all is working out in the best case scenario.  Letting go of the need to be right and to make someone else wrong.  What if we found that our truth was within us all along?

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