You get to choose.

By Tracey Lemming

Who do you get to be?   Who tells you who you are?   You get to choose.  I am a writer, because I say so.   My words are healing hearts, inspiring souls, and speaking truths.   No one gives me permission to write.  I get to be the stage, the actress, and the crew.  I set the scene, and my words flow easily and effortlessly.  I choose to be the audience, and I choose to play the part.  

How about you?  Is there someone you’ve always wanted to be, but allowed fear to win?  Why not now?  You get to choose.  That’s the beautiful thing about life.  In each moment, we have the opportunity to create, the opportunity to pivot.  Choosing the next best step in the moment, allowing our heart to lead.  One “bad” day does not define us.   We have the opportunity to start a new day by the glow of the moon or the light of the sun.  

What if the only thing on our to-do list was to start the day with a grateful heart and surrender to the present moment?  I’ve found that my best days are the ones that I expect the best from myself, loved ones, and the world.  Those are the days that I receive great news, perfect timing, and fun surprises.  Those are the days that I know without a doubt that there is a higher power in the unseen, guiding me in the most amazing way to all the good in the universe.  So now, I am a writer.  Who do you choose to be?

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