As Traditions Change

By Tracey Lemming

As we near the Thanksgiving Holiday, I invite you to take a moment to reflect on your memories spent with loved ones.  This year in particular, many of us are finding our traditions changing.  This could be the location as well as the guests. Maybe the holidays have always been a time filled with joy, but your heart is now missing those who can’t be around your table.  Possibly, like my friend, you are in quarantine and your loved ones will gather without you.  Maybe you have a loved one in the hospital as another friend does.  Whatever your holiday looks like this year, know that you are loved. Perhaps a new tradition will begin, or next year we will resume past traditions. 

Light a candle to remember and honor your loved ones who can’t make it this year.  In these uncertain times, focus on the good and what you are grateful for.  Turn off the news for a day and allow yourself to enjoy this different holiday.  Take notice of those who show up for you in the form of a card, phone call, or text message, even if we can’t physically be together.  Think of the new friends in your life who weren’t here a year ago.  As traditions change, so will you. And that’s a good thing as we all need time to think a little differently and bring new ideas into our reality.  Find something to be grateful for, even if it’s just the fact that you have the eyes and vision to read this post. Throughout this season, remember that you can still cultivate love and joy in this moment, despite your circumstances. How will you celebrate this year?  What are some new traditions that you could begin? 

Happy Thanksgiving.

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