In your own neighborhood

Have you ever lived somewhere and not seen it’s greatest landmarks? I’ve found that many people fail to explore the areas that are closest to them. Maybe if you moved to a new area, you wanted to check out the new sites, but as time goes on, you take for granted the cool places that are in your own neighborhood.  For example, when I moved to NC, I checked out Jordan Lake.  Once.  I was talking to friends and they mentioned how it had been years since they’d been there, probably because they lived so close.  It was gorgeous, and I enjoyed my time there, but didn’t return. Probably because I could easily go anytime that I wanted.

Recently, my neighbor wanted to check out the place that my other neighbor and I would frequently walk, so we took a walk and I showed him the trails.  He loved them, and said they reminded him of somewhere you would see in the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is about 3 hours away.  15 years he had lived within 5 minutes of a great trail, but had no idea. He only knew there was a playground and soccer fields, but didn’t explore further.  Why do we not explore those gems that are close to us?

I recently went on a new trail with my friend, about 1 mile and a half from where I live.  We found out about it because my neighbor had stumbled upon it on the way to his normal trail.  It was fabulous, huge trees and reminded us of a rainforest.   Gorgeous.  Enchanting.  Close. 7 years and I had never known the trail existed. Now, my friend and I are making a point to check out new places to walk because there are so many great places in our own backyard waiting for us to discover.

Duke Gardens is one of those amazing finds.  It’s one of the best places listed to see in NC, and thankfully this has not been a place that I take for granted.  I love it.  I love the feeling that I get when walking among the beautiful flowers and trees.  It’s magical, and a place that each time I visit, I see something new and spectacular.  I feel at peace there, and love to show new people it’s beauty.  The divinity and vibration of the garden can easily be felt when you arrive.

Take a moment to think of some places that are close to you that you haven’t been to or maybe only visited once.  Maybe exploration can occur where you already are.  Beauty can be found in any moment, any setting, and within.  Maybe you don’t have to travel the world to experience the enchantment of a new city or park.  Maybe a simple walk in nature can give your soul peace and presence.  The peace is already within you, awaiting you to align to your true self.  Why not connect to a new place and yourself?

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