Grief, a lifelong companion

Grief is our lifelong companion on this journey around the sun. There may have been times that you didn’t know that it was there, but when it does appear, you realize that it never left. When you lose someone you love (pets included), grief is always there. Walking beside you to give you the space to feel your feelings.

You want more than anything for grief to leave you, but it never does. It shows up in expected times (maybe your loved one’s birthday), and unexpected times (for me, it was last night watching a Hallmark movie). But, it loves you and wants you to know that it will be okay.

Grief is not the enemy. It wants you to feel better. It wants to be embraced and not feared or pushed away. It shows up to help you heal your heart, and to help you to release your pain and sadness. It wants you to know that you are not alone.

Others may experience grief alongside you. Have the courage to recognize its presence. Experience the love it has for you, as it witnesses your healing and transformation. In time, it will show up less and less and you may even be able to anticipate when it will show up. You may even forget about it and believe that it won’t come back. But it is always walking beside you, and always within you.

The next time grief shows up, allow it to be. Know that it is only wants you to know that that you are loved beyond measure. Be kind to yourself. Show yourself compassion. Allow the cleansing tears to flow. And experience your healing taking place.

2 thoughts on “Grief, a lifelong companion

  1. Well said Tracey. So true that grief fades but is always beside us. I to have learned this with the passing of my dad in 2006. Although the grief has lessened over the years, there lies subtle examples it remains beside me. My dad was a big New York Jets fan. We would take constantly about the team during the season. Those subtle reminders of conversations lost prove the grief is always there. Thanks for sharing.

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