Don’t fear the reaper

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As some of you know, I often have songs that come to me out of the blue, and a lot of times become the title of my blog posts.  I honestly don’t know what will be written, but I do know that it is important to write.  A few times I have missed writing, and may have missed the message that I was meant to receive and share.  This summer, Matchbox 20’s “Unwell” came into my mind over and over, and a few weeks later I ended up sick.  I was afraid to write about it, because I didn’t want it to come true, and I didn’t want to know what it meant.  I chose to ignore the lyrics that I knew had meaning.  I wonder if I had prioritized myself and my health, and taken the time to listen to the message that I was given, perhaps I could have avoided being sick by making a point to boost my immune system and keep a healthy schedule.

A few days ago, the song “Don’t fear the reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult came into my mind while I was showering. I honestly heard the words “don’t trust the reaper,” but when I googled the song, it was “Don’t fear the reaper.”  Not the song you want to hear when you are getting ready for a happy Friday!  But, I did google the meaning of the song, and it was actually meant to be a song about how love can transcend space and time, even through death.  That made sense to me.  I understand that, because I have experienced it.  And many of you probably have as well.

I also thought that perhaps it was a message from loved ones in heaven.  Maybe they are saying, there is nothing to be afraid of.  Death is not to be feared.  It is a natural part of our human existence. In fact, I read recently that some cultures really celebrate their loved ones departure from Earth because it means that they have succeeded in going to a higher dimension.  They have loved, lived a meaningful life (no matter how short), and left a mark on this world.

We’ve recently been through the Halloween season and Day of the Dead, and I’ve heard that this is the time that the veil between heaven and earth is the thinnest.  So, if you are open to receiving signs and messages from your loved ones above, don’t be afraid to ask for signs that they are with you.  I myself go through times where I feel so connected to this universe, and then at times I need reminders.  I recently started asking for signs, and have been receiving pennies from heaven, and other synchronicities in my life.  And that feels so good!  It’s so easy, and when you receive your sign, it helps your confidence and connection to grow!

I know that my Dad was not afraid when he passed on.  He knew it was coming, and told me the words, but I chose to pretend like I didn’t hear.  He played me the songs, and I pretended not to know that he wanted them played at his funeral, and he wanted them to provide me comfort in times to come.  The Saturday after Thanksgiving 2 years ago was the last time I saw my Dad, so it seems like a fitting time to receive a message from my Dad to know that there’s no reason to be scared of death.  Maybe these lyrics are another chance to process his untimely death that seems so cruel, yet I know there is a perfection to this universe.  Maybe by being brave enough to write, even as I don’t want to feel these feelings or cry these tears, will help me or someone else who reads these words.     

As I started to write these words, another meaning came to me.  I remembered the card that my parents gave to me with the meaning of my name, Tracey.  It means reaper, harvester.  Don’t be afraid of yourself and the unknown, just keep going.  Do not be afraid of your truth and your light, and the words that you share. Keep doing your best and sharing your smile.  Abundance awaits. Don’t fear the reaper.

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