Freeze the cookies

I recently learned a new cookie recipe. I was talking to my friend, and she was saying how her daughter was asking for one of the healthy cookies that my friend had just made. Of course, I wanted to know the recipe. She told me, and during my next visit to the store, I made sure to pick up the oatmeal and chocolate chips that I would need. Of course, if you want to make them more healthy, you can replace the chocolate chips with raisins. Shout out to my neighbor for that idea!

I made the cookies, and they are delicious. Easy, healthy, and amazing. I definitely have a new favorite recipe (my current recipe is breaking and baking:)). I offered the cookies to my neighbors, and I told them they could freeze them if they didn’t want to eat them all at one time. Well, I did not freeze mine, but enjoyed them over the course of the week.

This morning, my neighbor mentioned he had bought the ingredients (and raisins) to try this recipe himself. And once again, I thought, he can always freeze the cookies. Honestly, I’ve never frozen cookies that I’ve made. I wasn’t sure why this idea kept ocurring to me. As I was tiding the kitchen up, it came to me.

My Grandma Lemming always had homemade frozen cookies ready to thaw and enjoy when my parents and I came for a visit. I’m sure that I visited with my sisters as well, but as they were in college, I remember visiting a lot in high school and junior high with my parents. Because I was the youngest grandchild, I probably missed out on a lot of memories that my older cousins had of my grandparents, but I do remember Grandma’s frozen cookies (and homemade applesauce, also in the freezer!). So sweet and delicious. And a good Cubs game was probably on TV. 15 years after my grandparents have passed, I have now learned this lesson, and I understand it.

Grandma Lemming was always ready for company and something to offer to them. Really good lemonade too if I recall (I wasn’t a tea kind of girl). It makes me want to keep a few frozen cookies in case I have a friend or family stop by. Back to the Hoosier hospitality that many of us enjoy. One of my friend’s always has a good selection of tea to try (I’ve changed my tastes a bit), and it always invites good conversation and coziness.

Opening your home (especially at this time), is not something that everyone is comfortable with. But if you are ready and enjoy company, I think being prepared gives a signal to the universe that you are open to the possibility. My Grandma always seemed ready to me, and happy to have us visit her and my grandpa. It was a little thing, but looking back, it meant a lot. Her heart and kitchen was always open.

Life is interesting, I believe we learn those lessons in life the timing is right. They can come out of the blue, or perhaps they need more time and reflection. I’d love to hear, have you learned any lessons from your grandparents? Something that you may have learned years later?

And as an added bonus, here’s the healthy cookie recipe. Hope you enjoy! As always, thank you for your support!

Healthy cookies

2 cups quick oats

3 very ripe bananas

1 cup peanut butter

Chocolate chips (or raisins)

Bake at 350 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes

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