Funerals are hard

Funerals are hard. They force us to stop. They force us to reflect. We grieve for the one who we lost, the one who we loved and will continue to love, and the world that will go on without their presence. If we’ve been in the family’s position before (for example, losing a Dad, Grandpa, Brother, or Husband), we feel for them more deeply because we can easily put ourselves back in their shoes. We feel for the family because we know, funerals are hard. Funerals are exhausting. But, so are many other days to come.

A part of you is forever missing, as part of you went to heaven with your loved one. You will get back to your daily habits and routines, but you know your world is forever changed. Death changes everything. But, so does life.

I recently lost my Uncle Vic unexpectedly, but I know that he left this world a better place. The memories that he left for his family and friends will be forever cherished. He loved his family deeply and was the kind of man that you could always count on. We were lucky enough to get to share this earth with him for a little while.

My cousin said that she intended to plant a garden in his memory, and someday take a trip to the Grand Canyon in his honor. My uncle had a huge garden that he loved, and enjoyed his adventures in the Grand Canyon! I think my cousin’s intentions are beautiful. Bringing our loved one’s memory back into our world is beautiful. As I reflect on how I will honor my Uncle Vic’s memory, I think I will at least plant a tomato plant, and make some homemade salsa. And of course I’d love to take a trip to cheer on the Boilermakers at their next football bowl game!

What are some ways that you can bring a loved one’s memory into your world?

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