Safe and Sound

I recently started watching the series “Surviving Death” on Netflix. There’s only a few episodes, and it covers people who have had near death experiences (NDE’s), mediums, and signs from our loved ones. The last part really interested me, because of course I love to see how we are all connected and can receive messages from our loved ones in heaven.

As I watched this episode, it became clear that one of the things that most people here on Earth is looking for is communication that their loved one is safe and sound. Even though we may have this knowing at a soul level, our rationing mind can easily forget.

In this episode about receiving signs, two daughters had asked their mom to send them a sign that she made it safely to heaven. The sign was a cardinal that was not native to their California landscape. After the funeral, the two daughters saw a cardinal, and it actually came up to them and allowed them to hold it. They showed video footage and the cardinal stayed with them, and didn’t want to fly away when they tried to release it. They had their sign. They had their knowing. No one could ever take that knowing away from them. Their mom was safe and sound.

My aunt told me a similar story after my Grandma passed away. On my aunt’s birthday, a bird she had never seen before showed up at her window and was there for a long time looking in. My aunt had her knowing too that my Grandma was safe and sound. How beautiful is this.

It had felt like awhile since I had received any signs from my Dad, even though I did receive a wonderful song on his birthday, about 2 weeks ago. The song “Gone, gone, gone” by Philip Phillips came into my mind when I woke up. The part about “I’ll love you long after you’re gone, gone, gone…”, and I knew it was Dad telling me that he was still there and loved me.

So when I went to sleep Saturday night, I thought it would be nice to get some sort of reassurance that my Dad was also safe. Just a passing thought that I had as I slipped into slumber. I enjoyed sleeping in later Sunday morning, and I had a dream that there was some sort of team leaving my high school, and I was gathering with others to wish them well. It felt like my high school even though it didn’t look like it, and it felt like some sort of a team, but possibly a farm type team if that makes sense. In my dream, I ran into my Dad’s friend and coworker, and we were driving together after the team had left. As we were talking, I saw Dad walking towards us, and I said “Hey Dad.” I then told my friend that I had seen Dad, and told him that he was wearing a red flannel, jeans, and had his glasses on. My Dad had put his arm up to wave as I said “Hey Dad” to him.

I feel like when I told my friend what Dad was wearing, it was a way for me to confirm that I had really seen him. We continued on our drive, and Dad continued on his walk. I felt comforted when I woke up because I knew that he was letting me know that he was okay. I stayed in bed a little longer and must have drifted back into a light sleep, because when I woke up, the song “Safe and Sound” was playing in my mind. Of course I was a little sad waking up and knowing that Dad wasn’t here in this physical world, but I was also thankful that I can communicate with him at any time. That communication is really a gift.

We all have the opportunity to receive communication from our loved ones, either awake or when we are dreaming. I think that a lot of times the communication happens in our sleep, because we are relaxed and open. There are also less distractions when we are sleeping. So, if you’d like to communicate with a loved one in heaven, set your intention and ask for a specific sign or ask a question that you would like answered. You can could also do this as your head sleepily hits the pillow. Keep an open mind, and be open to the possibilities. Know that your loved one wants you to know they are safe and sound, and I believe that they want to communicate with us if we allow them to and are open to communication.

I’d love to know, have you received any confirmation that your loved ones are safe and sound?

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