Healing is magical

I recently burnt my hand while baking blueberry muffins. The muffins turned out beautifully (actually pretty amazing), but one slip in focus left me with charred skin. Thankfully a minor burn and not too painful. I covered it and let nature do its job. I had a routine dermatologist appointment later that week, and she said that it looked good and to keep it moisturized and allow it to breathe some.

It makes sense, cover our wounds to protect them from harm’s way, but also give them time and space to breathe. We all need that. We need to protect ourselves and set boundaries to remain healthy. We all need the time to tune into our intuition and allow ourselves to be.

In our society, it is sometimes looked at as selfish to give to yourself first, but I think that it’s necessary in order to give more to yourself and others in the long run. If we don’t take care of ourselves and allow ourselves to heal, we won’t be able to be a light in this world. And the world needs more light.

This week, I also saw the smoke from a controlled burn in the area. It’s so fascinating to me that the fire is necessary in order for new life to regenerate and the forest to survive. And it will, and new growth will start again. Just another example of how healing is magical.

As I look at my healing hand, I see another scar from 7th grade. I hurried to class and somehow my locker dug into my knuckle as I slammed it shut. I went to class, but not for long as the blood flowed and I headed to the nurse’s office. Again, my shift in focus from the present moment led me to an accident that could have been avoided. But, it gave me a beautiful scar. Yes, my scars are beautiful, and so are yours. The ones that can be seen and those that remain covered that only you know about that. They all tell a story, and moment in time.

Just know, healing is magical. The fact that my skin is healing is miraculous, and something that can be easy to take for granted. Whether you see the healing or not, know that if you keep up showing up for yourself and this world, it is happening in expected and unexpected ways. It’s the perfection of this life. Allow what needs to be released to fall away, and focus on the beauty in your world now. No matter how small, there is something beautiful and something to be thankful for. Are you allowing yourself to heal? Can you see the beauty in the now? Is there something that you need to release from your life?

Thank you for reading and sharing my words with whoever you think may enjoy these.

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