Edit: This post was written in the winter, but as the Cancer new moon is approaching this week, and the nights are getting shorter, I am publishing this now instead of letting it sit in my “Drafts” until the next winter. I believe the darkness can be embraced in any season. It’s been a hard week for many women with the current overturning of Roe vs. Wade. It’s been a hard week with the passing of Caleb “Biggie” Swanigan, a well loved Boilermaker whose story ended too soon.

And, it was a hard week missing my Dad on Father’s day. Re-reading this has helped me to see even though I wrote this posts months ago before the lightness of spring and summer, the flowers did bloom and the summer days did arrive, right on time. Knowing that in the darkness, seeds are planted and will bloom in time. Even in times of grief and uncertainty, know that you are loved and there are brighter days ahead for you and for us.

Without further adeiu…

Do we need the lights on, or can we see in the darkness? Do you have the ability to connect with yourself and your authenticity only when the light is shining? Or can you move into the unknown darkness and embrace what you cannot see?

I think the darkness gets a bad rap. Light and darkness are part of a whole. We love the bright known, but tend to shy away from what we do not understand, the unknown. It seems to me that sometimes in the darkness is where we can learn the greatest lessons, about life, and about ourselves. We may be able to listen to our intuition better when we close our eyes and tune into the guidance of our heart and soul.

There is so much unknown in this world, especially today. I love that the days are getting longer as we head into spring, but I am also enjoying these early nights to reflect and write. The darkness is forcing me to stay inside, and look for ways to enjoy the darkness. During this season, I love the flickering candle dancing on my walls. I love the stillness and softness of the light, and I also love the dark nights of the new moon, where new beginnings can be seeded.

The darkness is necessary and serves a purpose, just like the light. It is here to remind us that even when life feels heavy, we can still embrace the present. During the long month of January (which actually flew by this year!), I loved practicing more self care. Just the act of putting on my Mary Kay masks and waking up with glowing skin (it’s true!), made me appreciate the long nights and time to relax and just be. I also started a yoga routine, and it’s made me proud of myself for showing up for myself. There’s less hikes, but I know that that the spring is coming. There will soon be the opportunity for longer days and fun outdoor adventures.

For now, I invite you to embrace the darkness and this season. It will pass. It will effortlessly change. It always does, and a brighter sun will rise. Embrace the darkness. Take the time to close your eyes and tune into the wisdom of your soul.

There are messages to receive, and perhaps this is a good time to receive them. Can you see in the darkness? Can you connect with yourself and your authenticity in the darkness? Will you choose to embrace the unknown, and what you cannot see?

I’d love to hear, how will you embrace the darkness of this season? What are some ways that you can bring some light back into our world?

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