Cultivating joy

So glad to be here writing. Allowing the inspiration to find me. I was just talking to a friend who has had a hard few years, and she mentioned a conversation she had about finding some things to bring her joy, away from the mindless scrolling and watching TV. Even though there’s a time and place for these, there is so much more to life. Building connections, enjoying this life, just to name a few. She hoped that her joy would come back. But the question is, how do you bring it back? Does it just come back on its own, or do you need to intentionally cultivate it?

I recently started a new job, and that’s been great, but the past few months have left me a bit tired and I began to wonder if I’d find that inspiration again. I actually have been writing poetry (and have a manuscript ready for the next step, whatever that may be 🙂 ), and have enjoyed that, but was missing the inspiration that comes to me so effortlessly when writing in my blog. I enjoy the process, and hope that my words will inspire others, but more than anything, I love the feeling and focus that it brings me.

Recently, I talked to a friend about wondering if I’d find inspiration again with the energy that my current job is taking. I enjoy my job, but I also want to leave energy for my passion of writing. She assured me that with time, my inspiration would come back. I decided to make a list of the things that I really love to do. Scrolling facebook and watching Netflix aren’t on them, even though that’s where I’d been devoting a lot of my precious energy. I wanted to have a list to look at to remind myself what can put me back in alignment.

I think really thinking about what brings you joy is the first step to cultivating it. The list has been a good reminder. I recently spent some time with my niece making homemade cards, and I added this to my list. Writing cards and sending some fun mail to my loved ones is something that I love to do, but had forgotten about it. Once I started to think about it, it became easier and easier to remember how I love to spend my time and energy.

I think getting started is always the first step, and seems to be the hardest one to do. We all have different lives, different priorities, but many of us are or have gone through times that are challenging. I’d be curious to know, how do you cultivate joy? Have you ever thought about it before? What would be on your list to bring more inspiration back into your life?

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